Born & raised small town Wisconsin girl.
Dog mom to two Dachshunds. Ahlei & Clyde.
Huntin' & Fishin' - Lovin' everyday.  
Wife to a humble farmer.
Novice Foodie. 
Johnny Cash & P!nk
Mojitos & Bubblr'
Lobster & Pickles. 
Bonfires & Old Barns
Gym Addict.
Either dressed to impress or in my Nike attire with my hair in a bun. No in-betweens. 

^^ Other than that, I'm an old soul, madly obsessed with preserving love stories. To this day there is nothing I adore more than looking back at photographs from years past.
A photo can bring back a flood of emotions of another time and place. Realizing how fast time quickly passes really drives my passion to making sure that I capture every moment in not only my own story, but yours. Photography truly is a form of time travel, and I think It's the sweetest thing that I'm able to provide that as an heirloom for you and future generations.

So if you dig that, can be a little quirky, and love golden light. We'll be a great match! 
Talk soon,