Arizona Elopement in Lost Dutchman State Park // Emily & Alex

July 23, 2021

I’m so excited to share this Arizona elopement photoshoot with you today!

I met with Emily and Alex for this beautiful Lost Dutchman State Park elopement in the dusty, warm, sunny state of Arizona. It’s located in the Sonoran Desert 40 miles east of Phoenix. This couple was down to earth, fun, and embraced all of my big ideas for these photos.

This Arizona location has plenty of sandy, desert landscapes and plants year-round. Talk about a bride and groom’s dream elopement location!

bride and groom hugging in Arizona desert

From mountain biking trails to picnic locations, to trails for advanced hikers, Lost Dutchman is one of the more unique locations for couple photos. Here’s a full list of things to do at Lost Dutchman State Park if you’re thinking of making your elopement a full, adventurous trip.

groom kissing bride with hat on with desert in background

Every detail of these Arizona elopement photos is a perfect mix of boho and adventurous. Emily’s dress was STUNNING in the golden sunset. Not to mention, between the detail of her wedding dress and mix of her bouquet, these photos are absolutely everything I dreamt it would be!

Elopement photography is truly my jam. The moment is intimate and focused on the couple, rather than the wedding party or guests. Couples are able to remember these moments of just the two of them.

Arizona Elopement Photo Details

bride in the Arizona desert sand and cactus in background

If you’re looking for wedding dress inspiration, wedding bouquet ideas, to wedding photography inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Emily and Alex let me capture the real and raw moments of this unique and intimate elopement. (And I’m still swooning over the details.)

groom dipping bride in Arizona desert boho style

bride and groom dancing in Arizona desert during elopement

Talk about wedding dress inspiration! Emily’s dress includes small, elegant details throughout giving the full boho, desert vibe. Photographing these details brings me so much joy.

bride and groom holding hands in Arizona desert with cactus in background

We found a small spot along the trail where the landscape looked like it extended for miles. It was pickled with cacti, sand, rock, and vegetation – one of the many traits of Arizona that’s so beautiful.

bride and groom standing in front of Arizona rock at elopement

Tell me this isn’t one of the most stunning backdrops of all time? We even brought refreshments and I was able to truly capture this moment in time.

bride and groom by Arizona mountain facing the camera with refreshment bottles in front of face

Thanks so much Emily and Alex!

To see more wedding inspiration photos, I share all of my sessions on my Portfolio page here! If you’ve been dreaming up your elopement, fill out my contact form and let’s chat!

Where would you choose for your elopement location? Comment below to give our upcoming brides some more ideas!




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