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September 26, 2021

Are you planning a wedding during the pandemic? Whether you’re planning your wedding at your dream venue or an intimate backyard wedding at home, there are many moving parts throughout this time.

The Rear’s decided on a romantic and small backyard wedding after having three different rescheduled plans. Third time is indeed the charm and the photos say it all on how the most beautiful moments may just be back at home.

Maybe you’re wanting to get married at on the land you grew up, or maybe it’s simply in the backyard of the home you’re starting your new life as a newlywed couple. Either way, there’s something special about saying your vows in a place that’s incredibly special to you and your soon-to-be spouse.

bride and groom intimate backyard wedding during sunset photos kissing

Small backyard weddings are becoming more and more popular throughout COVID-19.

I have to say – the pandemic has not made it easy by any means for newlyweds. Although I have photographed an Arizona elopement and ones at large and beautiful venues, I truly love how customized and unique a beautiful backyard wedding day feels. Especially if you decide your backyard is the venue to share your love with friends and family. The epitome of an intimate, laid-back, and dreamy wedding day gathered around by your friends and family.

Although there’s still quite a bit of planning with a home-based wedding, I wanted to give a few tips on how to capture beautiful photos whether it’s at your home, or a family’s home.

bride and groom during sunset photos at their intimate backyard wedding in Wisconsin

1. Spruce up your backyard

With all the things that you’re probably already working on with wedding planning, the last thing you most likely want to worry about is getting your yard in shape. Start working on the backyard in advance so you’re not scrambling last minute (or the day before) making sure your yard looks nice. Depending on your yard, this may involve seeding grass patches, weeding, small landscaping, or anything else you may want prepared for your wedding day. Doing all of this months beforehand will add a special touch to your intimate backyard wedding, and may just leave you with a relaxing place to rest months afterward!

2. Choose a focal point for your backyard or indoors

This is probably the most important part for beautiful photos throughout your ceremony. When determining where the ceremony will take place, set the frame so your photographers can set the stage for all that magic that’s about to be shared. Maybe you have a large grassy area that overlooks the hills, maybe you’re settled in the suburbs and can incorporate an arch or unique setting of greenery and a dreamy DIY spot where you’ll exchange vows. Once you figure out the main area, set the tone and go from there.

bride and groom kissing on wedding day in their living room ceremony

3. Let your neighbors know about your intimate backyard wedding

Let your neighbors know when and where you’ll be hosting your wedding. Most of the time, people are willing to let the day slide by without any complaints when you fill them in on what’s happening that day! They may just be prepared to step in and help on the day of, if anything were to arise.

4. Hire Help

Nobody said you had to do this alone! Ask friends and family or hire outside help when planning the details for your small backyard wedding. It takes a village, and hiring help may save you the extra stress and bring on more hands to do the tough work. Whether this includes a wedding coordinator, family helping with getting the yard in immaculate shape, or friends in charge of a given task – every helping hand adds up.

bride and groom on wedding day lighting sparklers with their guests

5. Consider what you’ll need for amenities

If your house has 1-2 bathrooms for your guests, you’re probably fine. If you’re having a large crowd, you may want to consider renting portable bathrooms for the day. Parking is also a BIG one. Where do you want your guests to park for optimal space? Can you delegate this task for valet? Maybe there is a local business nearby that would consider renting out their parking lot for the day? All of these details will help bring the day together, without you needing to worry about it the week-of.

6. Create a chill lounge area for your guests

A beautiful luxe outdoor lounge area adds space for your guests to enjoy time between the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. This can even be recreated by bringing indoor seating outside to even more sitting areas. Too often, we are thinking of the bigger things for our wedding day, and small simple things like seating tends to be a big one for our guests!

table set with candles and plates at intimate backyard wedding in Wisconsin

7. Prepare for Option B if the forecast shows rain

We all hope for sunny weather on our wedding day, make sure you have a second plan in the case it rains. This will help you adequately prepare for the day, without needing to scramble the day before or the morning-of. A few things to note with rain: set your ceremony tone, where your guests will sit and where vendors will set up. Will you have a tent set up? Maybe you’ll move to a decorated shed, the living room, or wherever you feel you and your guests will feel comfortable.

Either way, backyard weddings are intimate, dreamy, elegant, and timeless. It serves as a beautiful memory for this special occasion and one you’ll remember forever. It embraces true beauty in the start of you life together and with proper planning, with leave you with incredible photos on your big day.

Here’s how the Rear’s celebrated with their intimate backyard wedding

intimate backyard wedding with indoor living room ceremony in front of fireplace

bride and groom kissing dog in front of house at their backyard wedding wedding sunset photo pose ideas bride and groom standing on rock during sunset photos overlooking field bride and groom at backyard wedding standing on rock in front of open field bride with bridesmaids during sunset photos with gold sequin bridesmaid dresses



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