Beautiful Wedding Venues // Splinter Wedding

August 20, 2021

With endless options to choose from, some of the most beautiful wedding venues are those that were once none other than old buildings!

husband and wife standing in front of a triangle alter in a historic building with exposed beams at their ceremony

I mean, have you seen Millwork Ballroom & Event Center in Dubuque, IA yet? Because you’re about to – Splinter wedding style!

I absolutely loved the city vibe of this historical, yet modern venue. Everything was redone from scratch and the end result is immaculate. The beauty in all of the details was so unique and breathtaking I made sure to capture every moment. It’s rich in history with impeccable views.

bride and groom kissing at sunset on rooftop with old historic building in background

A Beautiful Wedding Venue is in the Details

One of my favorite parts about this wedding were those exposed beams at the ceremony. There was no way to miss them.

Lit lanterns above table centerpieces at rustic wooden beautiful wedding venue

The Splinters nailed down every last element of their wedding. From the ceremony, the table centerpieces, the lights above, the beautifully decorated ceremony arch, the exposed beams, the bouquets, and we can’t forget… the neon lights!

wooden candle lantern on wedding table centerpiece with floral arrangement and burlap across table

And look at these adorable wooden candle lanterns and the antique dish set. They nailed these centerpieces!

Wedding table centerpiece with burlap running cloth wooden box and floral bouquets with candles

I love how this couple made the entire venue their own on their special day. Just as some people want an elopement in Arizona, some want romantic detail in a stunning, refinished, historical venue.

wedding part outside historical building under an arch

If you’re looking for inspiration for wedding reception decoration ideas, I’ve got you covered here! The Splinters mixed burlap with floral bouquets, wooden boxes and floating candles to top off their table centerpieces.

The antique hanging lights topped off this already picture perfect reception detail.

groom kissing brides cheek on top of wedding venue of historic building

What makes a beautiful wedding venue?

Simply put, the wedding details.

Want your rustic ballroom? Keep the details simple, elegant, and bright. Heck, these days many couples are deciding on revamped barns for their wedding venues and somehow, they turn out more beautiful than you can even image. This is what I mean when I say – it’s all in the details!

Shoutout to the Splinters for allowing me to capture their special day. It was beyond gorgeous!

close up of bride and groom sitting on ground next to wall bride looking up to camera

bride and groom kissing in entrance of old building with exposed beams and lights

bride looking up at groom outside wedding venue on top of historic beautiful wedding venue bride and groom next to historic building



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