Eloping in Wisconsin at Gibraltar Rock // Carly + Wyatt

September 30, 2021

Are you from Midwest? If you’re not, you may wonder why some would consider eloping in Wisconsin.

Rather than tell you all the reasons why us midwesterners love and choose to stay in Wisconsin, I would rather show you this beautiful state through my camera’s lens. And why you may reconsider an elopement destination in Wisconsin afterwards.

couple eloping in Wisconsin on top of Gibraltar Rock

husband kissing wife's hand while standing on a large rock overlooking the valley

One question I often hear as an elopement photographer is, “What’s so special about Wisconsin? Isn’t it mostly farms and cows?” One might think so, and it’s true. There are many farms with cows grazing amongst the green and golden fields, including my own. What may not be seen as frequently, are the unique and breathtaking views – tucked behind, beside, and between these proud Wisconsin farms. One of these hidden gems is Gibraltar Rock near Lodi, WI – a perfect location for a couple looking to elope in the midwest.

Consider Eloping in Wisconsin at Gibraltar Rock

newlywed couple in all black laying on large rock above a open valley

groom kissing bride while eloping in Wisconsin at top of Gibraltar Rock

What if you could have an elopement looking over miles and miles of land, with a bird’s eye view, and just you and your soon-to-be spouse? Would you take the intimate elopement with your person or the large celebration?

Carly and Wyatt chose a wedding day spent just the two of them. And it was absolutely incredible. Though most choose a white elegant wedding dress, Carly chose a stunning, timeless, intricate black wedding dress that could breathe life into any photo.

moody photos of couple on large rock in Wisconsin with open valley views below

Speaking of views – Gibraltar Rock is one to place on your bucket list. Especially, if you are planning an elopement in the midwest. Gibraltar Rock is outside of Devil’s Lake State Park. The area is more than 60 acres and the bluff stands with an amazing view overlooking the Wisconsin River valley and miles of rolling hills. It’s a sight you won’t want to miss.

couple in all black standing on rock eloping in Wisconsin large view of the valley below

Details + Views When Eloping in Wisconsin

The details of this Wisconsin elopement are truly in the magic enlightened by the moody and romantic vibes! It’s elegant and dramatic, while highlighting an original and memorable wedding day.

newlywed couple in black eloping in Wisconsin sitting near unique tree

There’s a certain freedom you feel with a non-traditional wedding day, including the details. The inspiration for it isn’t for your guests, or the people you’ll greet, it’s for you and your favorite person. The stunning style of Carly’s elegant black wedding dress is the style that made her feel beautiful and confident on her dream day. If black wedding dresses are the new trend, I’m here for it! I mean, just look at the beauty in black!

wisconsin elopement photos on Gibraltar Rock

Another Location to Consider – Arizona Elopement

Another location you may consider is Lost Dutchman State Park if you’re considering an Arizona elopement. From sandy, desert landscapes to plants year round, this is a beautiful spot for your big day.

If you’re looking to elope with your partner, where are some of the locations you’ve considered?

As an elopement photographer, one of my favorite parts of photographing a newlywed’s big day is sharing in their excitement, being their hype girl, and sending off completed albums that are truly an experience of a lifetime. If you want to chat about your big dreams of eloping, let’s discuss your exciting plans!

You can find my Contact Information here. I’m madly obsessed with preserving your love story, whichever location you choose.

– Alicia

More Beauty from Carly + Wyatt’s Wisconsin Elopement

couple in all black sitting on large rock near a unique tree overlooking the valley husband with arms around wife on large rock with miles of view while eloping in Wisconsin Wisconsin elopement near Devil's Lake State Park couple on rock black and white of husband kissing wife while eloping in Wisconsinup close photo of bride with black wedding dress holding large bouquet black and white photo of bride in groom in all black dress groom holding brides facegroom kissing bride while eloping in Wisconsin on top of Gibraltar rock valley view of bride and groom in all black eloping in Wisconsin on top of rock bridal bouquet sitting on Gibraltar rock overlooking Wisconsin valley



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